Best GoPro Wearable Gimbals 2020

Introduction - Why you need a wearable Gimbal in 2020

Anyone who uses action cameras is aware of the fact that these compact gargets have capabilities to produce unbelievably high-quality footages. But these action cameras alone are not enough to record professional videos because of the shaky videos they produce due to sudden movements or bumps. Film a silky smooth footage without the annoyance of camera shakes with the help of best wearable gimbal that we are going to explore through this article. 

Most of the action sports involve sudden bumps and jerks which can’t be dealt with your GoPro alone, to save yourself from recording shaky videos these stabilizers contains 3-axis pivot points that keep the camera stable during sudden jerky movements. 

Best GoPro Wearable Gimbals in 2020:

  • EVO SS
  • REMOVU S1 3-Axis Gimbal
  • Feiyu Tech WG2
  • GoPro Karma Grip Gimbal
  • Hohem 3-Axis Wearable Gimbal Stabilizer
  • YI Gimbal 3-Axis Stabilizer

Capture professional videos - wearing a Gimbals

Actions cameras like GoPro were introduced with the intention to shoot action videos but many people started using GoPro for other purposes as well because of their high video quality and compact size. You may seem to experience bad video quality because of the lacking ability to record a video with stable hands and here is where GoPro wearable gimbal comes to your rescue.

A GoPro Stabilizer is often used to make the video footage steadier and professional. These days stabilizers are coming in different shapes and size, and there are many companies who are trying to make your experience with action cameras much better because of the automatic stabilization. 

7 Best GoPro Wearable Gimbal Review:

There are two types of gimbals available in the market, Handheld Gimbals and Wearable Gimbals. While you are required to hold the handheld gimbals, wearable gimbals are designed to be mounted on the body without the need of holding it constantly.

The demand for wearable gimbals has risen considerably because of the fact they can be mounted and hence it makes your video recording hassle free.

Note: All the gimbals that I am going to list in my review are worth spending your money, apart from the number of pros and cons they are still better than any other competitors. Please don’t consider any of the listed product not worth spending money just because we have listed greater Con’s about it, we have listed the cons because of the highly competitive market and in pursuit to provide you best review.


EVO SS is my personal favorite; this stabilizer has proven itself to deliver the best performance.

There is nothing that EVO SS can’t do, one of the most versatile and efficient gimbals you will ever use. It is compatible with the majority of the compact action cameras and its 3-Axis stabilizers are capable of 360-degree rotation. When it comes to battery life, this Gimbal comes with 4-5 hours battery support which is enough for any recording session and you can extend the battery life through optional camera charging as well.

EVO SS has a proven track record of effortless silky shoots and has a capability to be attached to the tripod. This stabilizer is definitely built to deliver faster speed and greater stability, the brushless motors used in stabilizer are very efficient is producing very low noise.

Additional to providing all the mechanical features EVO SS works very well with different stabilization modes. Some of the modes that EVO SS offers: Pan Follow Mode, Lock Mode, Full Follow Me, Motion Time-Lapse Mode.




A truly champion wearable GoPro stabilizer for me, there is nothing this gimbal can’t do for you. REMOVU S1 supports GoPro Hero6, Hero5 Black, HERO5 Session, Session, HERO4, HERO3+ and 3.  REMOVU S1 comes with word class brushless motors on 3-Axis platform which make it capable of capturing fluidic smooth video quality with very low noise disturbance.

REMOVU S1 offers a rainproof design which makes it all whether friendly and a product worth your investment. You are free to use the REMOVU S1 as per your requirement be it Handheld, Mountable or Wearable.

REMOVU S1 comes with detachable hand grip, this handgrip can also work as a Bluetooth 4.1 joystick which makes your experience better than before.




If you are looking for a cost-effective gimbal but with reliable performance then Feiyu Tech WG2 can satisfy your most of the needs. Feiyu Tech WG2 is also a 3-Axis gimbal with 360-degree rotational capabilities. It fits well with Hero 5 GoPro model which most of its competitors aren’t capable of and Feiyu Tech WG2 comes with weatherproof capabilities.

While unpacking, the package includes a mini tripod, a power cable, storing pouch, user manual, and warranty card. I will say the built quality of the product is quite good and you will find the body of Feiyu Tech WG2 is smaller than original WG model.

Feiyu Tech WG2 is built with high-performance brushless motors which keep the stabilization pretty accurate, the Feiyu-Tech WG2 offers unlimited 360° pan rotation, unlimited 360° tilt rotation, and 70° roll angle rotation.

Battery life is between 2 to 2.5 hours, which is just okay for me and this Feiyu Tech WG2 comes with a built-in battery to make it waterproof but it lacks the capability to change the battery for an extended performance of the stabilizer.




Karma grip is an official GoPro accessory that is a must-have for any GoPro enthusiast.

Initially, GoPro never had an intention to create a handheld or wearable gimbal, this stabilizer was originally created to be mounted on the GoPro Karma Drone, but later GoPro introduced the separate version of stabilizer which comes with a handheld stick and the wearable option as well.

Now let’s talk about the functionality, keeping things simple is a major mantra of GoPro success, so you might feel lack of fancy functionalities that competitors are offering but you can stay assured about the stabilization quality. GoPro used world-class brushless motors to deliver incredibly smooth stabilization and you will be amazed to check the quality footages it delivers.

This can be a great option for GoPro loyal customers. GoPro Karma grip is designed to specifically work with GoPro’s action cameras, which mean you should not expect the compatibility with multi-brand compact camera devices.




One of the very few stabilizers which work with Hero6 perfectly, because of the size of Hero6 most of the stabilizers could not support mounting Hero6 and the consumers were left with very few options like GoPro Karma Grip, but Hohem emerged as a perfect option to Hero6 users.

Hohem is built with aluminum alloy material which makes it light in weight and long lasting. 3-Axis of Hohem works quite well while fast shaky movements as well. Hohem gimbal comes in a premium carry bag that makes it very easy to carry.

5 way Bluetooth joystick comes very handy for delivering better performance and shooting through any mode. Hohem has proven itself to be one of the most versatile gimbals that provide you the capability to be wearable, handheld or mounted on the tripod. Latest algorithm indeed assisted in smoother functioning.




This is one of the cheapest but versatile 3-Axis gimbal you will find online.  The first thought that came to my mind when I came across this gimbal for the first time is compact, clean finished and beautiful product.

The weight of the gimbal is just 210gm which is considered very lightweight; YI Gimbal was successful in delivering descent stabilization but was not very efficient in fast and sudden movement changes. YI Gimbal comes with Bluetooth remote connectivity that can be very helpful when mounted on helmet or tripods. 

Battery life is approximately 4 hours that was quite good for me and it also provides you the flexibility to carry extra batteries because of replaceable battery options. I found this gimbal to be quite versatile because it is compatible with many action cameras and has a capability to be mounted on the handheld device, selfie-sticks, and helmet.

 Because of the low costing of this gimbal, you can expect some functional glitches but still, it’s the best stabilizer for the beginners or family photography.



How to Record multi-angle footages for enhanced video standards

Professionals don’t always have the best gadgets but they always have the best strategy to create incredible footage. It’s important to play with different angles to get the best footage. Let’s explore the different GoPro accessories that can help you deliver professional footages from different angles.

Body Mounts:

Capability to mount your GoPro on your body is a must have for any action enthusiast; it helps you share the real-time experience you had while doing the action. Like wearing your GoPro while bungee jumping, skydiving, skiing, surfing, mountain biking, etc.

Some of the common body mounts that you should definitely invest in are Helmet mount, chest harness mount, wrist mount. A GoPro is incomplete without these accessories.

Invest In Drone:

An awesome aerial view can be a Headliner to your video; you can use aerial view while recording for your travel diaries or to record your action scene from the different camera angle.

A drone can provide you footage that no other accessories can provide.  If you are really serious about video recording and taking your video quality to next level then you should definitely plan on buying an economic drone available in the market.

Carry A Stick Or Pole:

If your intention to have a travel diary then you should be looking for the body mounts and aerial photography but if your intention is to record everyone near you with extended ability to shoot yourself from different angles then you should invest in stick or pole that is compatible to mount your GoPro stabilizer.

It’s always advised to carry a stick or pole which had a capability to mount your gimbal, it will give you the option to shoot videos from wide variety of angles.

Frame rate

Understanding the frame rate is important if you are attempting to create high-quality videos, most of the people are not aware of the mechanism how these professional action photographers are compiling stunning videos. It’s important to know the different video recording options that your action camera is capable of, you can play with the Frames per Second settings to have unmatchable video quality. 

Let’s understand the frame rates and the video quality you get according to the frames per second.

  • 1 frame per hour: Extreme time-lapse photography.
  • 1 frame per minute: Time-lapse photography and stop-motion animation.
  • 18 frames per second: Early motion picture films.
  • 24 frames per second: Worldwide standard for movie theater film projectors.
  • 48 frames per second: Slow-motion photography (because it takes twice as long to play back in a 24 fps projector, the motion is twice as slow).
  • 300+ frames per second: High-speed cameras for very slow-motion photography (often used for miniatures to make models seem larger on screen).
  • 2500+ frames per second: Very high-speed cameras for special effects such as pyrotechnic photography and explosions.

Additional accessories to make your experience better

  1. Extra Batteries
    I hate to see my GoPro battery die in the mid of any event, sometimes you might miss shooting the most beautiful moments of the event just because of low battery life of the camera.
    It’s always a good idea to carry fully charged extra batteries while traveling with your GoPro, you never know when you might require those batteries for some extraordinary footages.
  2. Carry an external mic
    Do you know what distinguish your video from a professional video? It’s the sound quality.
    While the beginners put more emphasis on the visual quality, professionals take care of the crisp and clear sound. Sound quality is always neglected because of the misconception that high-quality visuals are the only requirement of succeeding on YouTube.
  3. Make it waterproof

    You might be in a mood to buy a GoPro stabilizer that isn’t waterproof but it might be proven to be your worst mistake. You might restrict yourself from capturing some stunning videos while doing an activity around water or rain. It’s always a good idea to invest in Waterproof Case that can make you eligible to shoot near wate