The Best Longest Flying Drones With Long Battery Life In 2020

Choosing a drone can be quite confusing and there are many factors that you need to look after before making final decision to buy a drone. One of the main functionality that you should never neglect before making a final decision on drone is their flight endurance, of course commercial drones run on batteries and drone need to be very power efficient to deliver you long lasting endurance. Choosing the drone with longest battery life has many benefits and we are going to discuss everything in detail through this article.

Buying a long flying drone will expand the fun if you are flying it as a hobby. However, battery life should mostly concern professionals or semi-professionals. Since most of the top drones are used for recording video, extended battery life will provide an extended video recording capability. With this in mind, manufacturers should have been designing their drones to offer maximum length of flight time. Unfortunately, they do not. A short flight time is something common among many drones. Most of the drones can flight from 20 to 30 minutes.

Despite the fact that most of the drones offer such a low battery and flight time, we did a research and tested multiple drones in order to decide which one should be your best bet if you are looking for longest flight time drone.

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Drones with long battery endurance

  • Chroma 1080P Camera Drone
  • DJI Inspire 2
  • DJI Mavic PRO
  • Yuneec Typhoon H Pro
  • Parrot Bebop 2
  • GoPro Karma

1. Chroma 1080P Camera Drone

Chroma Drone


  • Weight: 1301 grams
  • Controller: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 16 mgpx, 1080 at 60 f/ps
  • Battery life: 30 min
  • Range: 2.5 KM
  • Speed: 40kmph
  • Portability: Not very much portable

Chroma camera drone has got everything that you expect from the drone camera, from camera quality to the long-lasting battery endurance; it will satisfy your every need. This drone contains built-in flight parameters that restrict the newbie drone operator to exceed the drone performance limit and federal laws. Drone is programmed to fly at the maximum altitude of 400 feet. Although it contains its own action camera, if you own a GoPro then you should go for the model that comes with the 3-axis action camera that will make the drone flexible enough to support your GoPro camera.

Performance review

This drone was introduced in the competition of Phantom drones and both the drones have their own perks and drawbacks. The drone seems to be very silent and responsive, and its camera is capable of delivering seamless 4K quality footages that makes it worthy of your money.

One of the most highlighted features of this drone is its flight endurance. Efficient motors, propellers and large battery fuels it to have a flight duration of about 30 minutes and it is the longest flying drone available in market. Chroma drone comes with the high-end controller which doesn’t require any additional smart device; 5.5 inches touchscreen



  • Long lasting battery
  • Incredible 4k video quality with 3-Axis stabilizer
  • Easy to fly - no experience necessary
  • Advanced SAFE Plus technology
  • Live video and telemetry info on controller display.
  • Not very portable
  • Flight range can be a concern for few people

2. DJI Inspire 2

DJI Inspire 2 Drone


  • Weight: 3440g
  • Controller: yes
  • Camera Quality: 30 MP, 5K video quality
  • Battery life: 27 min
  • Range: 7 Km
  • Speed: 67 km/hr
  • Portability: comes with a carry bag

One of the mammoth names in drone industry, there is nothing this drone can’t deliver, from incredible video quality to long lasting battery endurance. DJI Inspire 2 is truly a pinnacle in the drone industry.

This drone was built with considering the needs and requirements of professional photographers and it does its job very efficiently as well. Many movie makers have been using it to shoot aerial footages because of all the high-end sensors and its efficiency.

Performance review:

I could not find any glitch in the functionality testing, what can I say more about this legendary drone. It will provide you the ultimate drone experience that you never had before, loaded with the high-end camera capable of recording 5K videos at the speed of 100Mbps is just incredible.

Its carbon fiber body makes it look very attractive and light weighted which enhances the flight duration of around 27 minutes, this drone provides you an effective duration of time to produce incredible footages.

DJI Inspire 2 features advance obstacle sensing mechanism which saves the drone from hitting any obstacle and you can always carry extra batteries to supplement your drone with extra flight time.



  • 30 MP, 5K video quality
  • Incredibly slow motion videos at 120 fps
  • New HDR algorithms and 3-Axis gimbal assist in delivering incredibly smooth footage
  • Strong Carbon-fiber alloy body
  • Able to accelerate to 50 mph in 4 seconds and reach a top speed of 67 mph
  • Quality comes with price, unaffordable for many.

3. DJI Mavic PRO

The Best Longest Flying Drones With Long Battery Life In 2020 1


  • Weight: 734 grams
  • Controller: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 12.35 mgpx, 4K Resolution
  • Battery life: 27 min
  • Range: 4.3 miles
  • Speed: 65 km/hr
  • Portability: Highly portable

DJI has proven to be the pioneer in commercial drone industry, it has produced very efficient drones from the range of $300 to $4000 USD, we have already discussed the DJI Inspire 2 but let’s discuss the most efficient and economical contender in the drone industry.

Performance review:

With the flight endurance of 27 minutes, DJI Mavic Pro was definitely going to be in our top recommendation. Mavic supports 4K videos at 30fps and is capable of live video streaming through this high-end transmission technology that makes it eligible to have a range of 7Km.

With the active geolocation technology, Mavic Pro is capable of delivering very stable and consistent hovering capabilities. You won’t see the efficient 3-axis gimbal in this price range, but Mavic pro is loaded with world-class brushless motors that help in incredible camera stabilization.



  • Compact and Portable
  • Incredible 4k video quality with 3-Axis stabilizer
  • Can see obstacles as far away as 49ft (15m) in front
  • Precision hover capability with inbuilt GPS
  • Long fly time
  • Small sensor size make it difficult to capture low light footages.

4. Yuneec Typhoon H Pro

The Best Longest Flying Drones With Long Battery Life In 2020 2


  • Weight: 5443 grams
  • Controller: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 4K 30fps recording
  • Battery life: 25 mins
  • Range: 1.5 km
  • Portability: Carry in a backpack

If you are looking for a drone with a high-quality camera, long-lasting battery, advanced collision control system and award-winning performance then this should be the best choice for your needs. Looking for features like the DJI Inspire 2 but still searching for the drone at a lower cost than Yuneec Typhoon H Pro can prove to be the best solution for your needs. This drone is loaded with tons of features in considerably low price.

Performance Review:

Typhoon H Pro is built with RealSense obstacle detecting technology that enables it to detect any incoming obstacle very efficiently. Battery life of the drone is quite impressive as well, you can enjoy 25 minutes of flight time that should be more than enough for your needs.  Combination of the new CGO3+ camera and 360-degree 3-axis Gimbal makes it possible to deliver incredibly stable and shake-free video footages.

The Typhoon H also maintains the Typhoon family’s focus on safety with features such as Geo-fencing, Variable Speed Control, Dynamic Return Home, Low-Battery Return Home and FAA No Fly.



  • Camera’s 360° range of motion
  • CGO3+ 4K UHD camera
  • 8 Smart Flight Modes including: Orbit Me, Point of Interest, Journey More and Curve Cable Cam.
  • 3-Axis gimbal assist in stable and smooth recording
  • Upto 25 minute of flight time
  • Bulky design.

5. Parrot Bebop 2

Parrot Bebop 2 Drone


  • Weight: 500 Grams
  • Controller: Optional
  • Camera Quality: 14 MP with 4K recording
  • Battery life: 25 minutes
  • Range: 2 KM
  • Portability: carry in a backpack

Parrot is one of the most trusted brand names in the commercial drone industry because of its performance and reliability. Parrot Bebop 2 is one of the latest and high-performance drone introduced by the Parrot. It’s a quite reasonable drone that offers you a bundle of exclusive functionalities that only high-end drones are providing.

Performance review:

Bebop 2 is sturdy, compact, and extremely lightweight (a mere 1.1 lbs.), so you can easily take it with you on to capture your best moments.

If you are looking for a drone which contains all the key features but still fits your pocket then this Bebop 2 can be a great choice. Loaded with 14 MP camera makes it capable of delivering 4 K video quality that is quite impressive with the price. Company’s claims of high endurance battery are not hoaxing as well, this drone is capable of delivering good 25 minute flight time is operated in good weather conditions at moderate flying speed. 



  • 14 MP camera eligible of 4K video recording
  • Fisheye lens allows for shake-free video recording
  • Efficient GPS for precise hovering
  • Upto 25 minute of flight time
  • Certain functions cost extra to unlock
  • You might feel the need of extra stabilization.

6. GoPro Karma

GoPro Karma Drone


  • Weight: 1006
  • Controller: Yes
  • Camera Quality: 4K recording
  • Battery life: 20 min
  • Range: 3 km
  • Speed: 35 mph
  • Portability: Highly Portable with foldable blades

We could have listed better endurance drone but still we choose to include GoPro Karma drone into our list due to following reason:

  • Some drone might have better flight endurance but they don’t have better performance than karma drone.
  • GoPro Karma is a best option for people who already have GoPro action camera, because of its superior camera quality.

Performance review:

Keeping the functionality minimalistic it the mantra of GoPro success, I have been one of the first user of GoPro action camera and since then I am a big fan of their minimalistic approach.

Although flight time is 20 minute and that’s not the best flight time but still you can have incredible video footages with the help of world class 3-Axis gimbal and camera quality. If you are a person who doesn’t like much fancy stuff then you are surely going to like this drone. GoPro Karma drone comes with foldable blades that make it ultra portable.

Inbuilt GPS performed quite well to achieve stable hovering capabilities and it was quite easy to fly for the beginners as well. One of the best thing that I felt with GoPro karma is it comes with hand held stick as well, which makes it incredibly versatile to use, you can have aerial footages and you can mount the stabilizer and camera on your helmet or you can just hold it with your hand.



  • Highly portable with foldable blades
  • GoPro is known for its incredible camera quality
  • Contain a built-in sonar for collision prevention.
  • 3-Axis gimbal assist in delivering incredibly smooth footage
  • Additional hand-held stick makes it more versatile.
  • Lacks functionalities compared to its counterpart.

How to extend the Battery life of your drone?

The battery is the main reason why many people complain about their drones, today we are going to discuss the hacks that can maintain the overall health of your battery and will also help you with extended battery life.

  1. Choose the battery with the higher mAh
    Most of the drones come with mid-range battery size and you can replace them with the higher mAh batteries, but before you do that it is suggested to check the hardware specification because connecting more powerful battery is not always feasible with every brand.
    The bigger battery also comes with bigger weight and size that can affect the performance of your drone, it’s recommended to do proper research before investing in bigger batteries.
  2. Ditch your camera
    Yes, you heard it right and I am not drunk! We understand that you purchased a drone to have incredible aerial footages but you are not going to fly for the aerial footages every time you fly.
    While you are doing the flying practice or flying your drone just for sake of fun then it’s a good idea to ditch your camera to reduce the weight. Not all the drones come with the option to detach the camera and it is recommended to choose a drone that allows you to detach the camera.
  3. Wait for the right condition
    Weather condition plays important role in battery endurance, your drone will be required to work hard to fly, turn and keep itself stable in adverse conditions.
  4. Keep your battery healthy
    If you are someone who likes to fly drone until its battery drain completely then you are going to experience battery issues very soon.
    Commercial drones are power with Lithium-ion batteries and these batteries are capable of being fully charged and fully drained for 300-500 times. Every time you fly the battery of your drone until its battery is fully drained, its battery is losing its life.
    Make sure to never let the battery come below 20% of the total charge to keep it healthy and last long.
  5. Choose the right time to charge
    If you have a habit of charging your batteries many days before you actually need to fly the drone? This is making your batteries perform poorly.
    A Lithium-ion battery loses some percentage of its charge and you will get the drained battery after a course of time. Charge your drone on the same day to experience longest flight time.

Ending Note:

You might find it necessary to invest in expensive models just to have the longest flying drone in your inventory, but I would suggest even the hobbyists to invest in a good quality camera drone with longer endurance.
The long endurance of drone can help in opening new sources of incomes through starting an aerial photography company. The longer endurance of drone will also help in preventing your drone from a sudden crash due to sudden battery drainage.