What drones can do

Drones have become very popular in the last recent years. Today its easy to get your hands on a drone with an HD camera less than $200 and it’s been expected to get even more affordable. Though one thing is for sure, drones are here to stay. There are so many things you can do with a drone and here are just a few….

  • Spy on your neighbors. Yes, this is probably illegal but so is spying without a drone
  • Challenging your friends to a drone race. This could be a popular sport in the near future
  • Catastrophe relief is making great use of a drone. Drones can actually deliver water and food who are in need of a disaster relief
  • Search and rescue situations as they would even be more affordable than using a helicopter. Drones with an HD camera could help locate people after a hurricane or flood
  • Filming live events as they have already been put to use in places like the Sochi Winter Games. This is also an affordable way to film races and marathons than from a helicopter

So why should you purchase your own drone?

Many options. There hundreds of new models coming out just about every month. There is a huge collection of cheap drones in 2018 in case you don’t want to spend a lot of money. Some of these are old models and some are brand-new drones that have never been seen before. Every model is a new opportunity to see what technology can do.

The price and features are crazy. About a year or two ago it would have been hard to find a drone with a camera that takes 12MP still photographs and could shoot a 4K video. Today you can find just about anything to match your needs not to mention the price for these types of models has gone down exceedingly.

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